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Tofu Recipes

Simple and very delicious Recipes with Tofu
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Tofu Recipes

The website Tofu Recipes presents particularly tasty and simple to prepare recipes with tofu.

In some Asian countries such as:. Japan is tofu a staple food and a distinction is drawn between two types of tofu, soft tofu, also named Silken Tofu and Firm Tofu.

The taste of silken tofu and firm tofu is as different as their consistency. The firm tofu is ideal for frying much better than the silken tofu.

In Asian cooking tofu is processed into a variety of dishes. It is for example used in soups and stews, and combined with many different sauces.

Tofu is a very healthy and nutritious food because it has a very high protein content.

Today, tofu is no longer available only in Asia but is sold all over the world, mainly in so-called Asian shops and in health food stores.

On the website Japanese-Food you can read Tofu-Information everything you need to know about the production and use of these excellent vegetable source of protein!

Of course, you’ll find on the website Japanese-Food other useful information on food from Japan.

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