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Tofu Manufacture

January 08, 2011 Von: Redakteur Kategorie: Tofu Recipes Misc Comments Off on Tofu Manufacture

The production of tofu, how to produce Tofu yourself is described in this recipe.

The advantage of self-production of tofu is that you exactly know what ingredients were used.

  • Ingredient List:

  • 500g white soya beans
  • Water
  • Nigari

The 500g soybean wash well and soak for about 12 hours in water. Then pour the beans in a sieve and wash again with water and rinse well.

Now the beans are pureed in a blender and, simultaneously, water is added in the ratio about 1:1, that means same amount of beans, same amount of water.

In the meantime, about 3 liters of water are poured in a large saucepan, add the pureed beans, mix well and cook gently about 20 minutes.

Now the soybean material is pressed through a sieve, designed with a fine cloth and then poured into a separate saucepan.

In the sieve remains the so-called okara, which is a by-product of soy milk production – Approx. 4% from okara is protein.

This okara is now poured in an extra pan, where it is boiled with the help of about 1 liter of water, strained again and pressed out again.

This now obtained soybean milk is now mixed with the soy milk from the first pressing. The soy milk is then mixed with nigari (magnesium chloride).

It takes about 2 teaspoons nigari that is dissolved in about 100ml water. Then the nigari is mixed with the 80 ° Celsius heated soy milk and now the whole thing is allowed to rest for about 20 minutes.

As soon as cheese and whey have separated, the cheese is poured in a suitable container and there it is pressed with a weight by using eg. a mull, until the tofu has a good strength.

The Tofu can be refrigerated, but it must lie in the water and must be covered. You should also change the water daily. Thus, the Tofu can be easily stored for a week.